Notorious rakehell Sir Aidan Kane knows the only way a Kane can get into heaven is to steal the keys, but he has no idea that heaven is on its way to him when his beautiful young daughter Cassandra (her father's princess) decides to give him the perfect birthday present-a bride.

Sweet, lonely Norah Linton believes the letters penned by Cassandra and travels to Ireland and Castle Rathcannon expecting to meet a kindly widower, not an arrogant, raging tyrant, rumored to have killed Cassandra's mother.

Though Aidan would like nothing better than to see Norah gone, he realizes that she can give his beloved Cass entry into English society, the very people who have rejected him. He sees through Norah's prim shield to the passionate woman beneath, a woman whose loving heart gives her the ability to see the vulnerability he skillfully hides.

As love and desire bloom, the betrayals and fears of the past loom over the newlyweds as a devious enemy plots treachery, testing Norah's faith and Adrian's love.

Kimberly Cates will have you believing that butterflies are fairies and that the magic of love can set the princess free from the tower prison. Stunning in its emotional impact, glowing with the luminous beauty of the love between a man and a woman, and father and daughter, STEALING HEAVEN is another dazzling masterpiece from a truly gifted storyteller. Reading a novel by Kimberly Cates is sheer heaven. SENSUAL (May, 422 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin