Like Roberta Gellis and Anita Mills, Madeline Hunter has made her reputation for writing highly colorful, carefully crafted medievals that transport readers back in time so that they live and breathe the era.

Now she sweeps us to tumultuous Wales and into the lives of the King's loyal man Marcus of Anglesmore and a fiery Welsh rebel, Nesta. Betrothed by the king to a woman he has never seen, Marcus is pleased to come upon his fiancée in a moonlit garden. She is all that he could desire in a wife—until he discovers she is his betrothed's sister, Nesta, known as "the King's whore."

Bound to both the king and the rebels, Nesta is in a perilous position and does not need the added temptation of a man she should hate.

The pages of this dramatic and fiery love story fly through your fingers. Madeline Hunter brings history to life with passionate characters, powerful dialogue and sizzling tension. A must read for medieval romance fans. SENSUAL (Aug., 370 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin