Image of Stealing Kathryn (The Gatherers)


Image of Stealing Kathryn (The Gatherers)

Frank is a master of lush prose,
combining beautiful fantasy with
dark gothic horror and absolutely breathtaking imagery. It's Beauty
and the Beast meets Phantom of
the Opera -- layered with dark
sexual tension. A somewhat
meandering plot and an incon-
sistent heroine detract from the
overall effect. However, Frank's
gorgeous writing is sure to be
appreciated and enjoyed.

Adrian's sole purpose is to gather energy found in people's nightmares and deliver it to his masters. This dark energy has transformed him from the handsome and powerful man he once was into a dark and twisted creature. In Kathryn's nightmares, he finds his obsession and steals her away in the night to keep her amongst his treasures.

Kathryn is both intrigued and repelled by the creature that stole her from her sleep and locked her away in his castle. She knows she'll never be free, always a prisoner, and yet with the help of his sister, she begins to see a different side of Adrian. Will her love be able to save him? (ZEBRA, May, 354 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton