Cassie Neill is a gifted psychic who has helped the police track down vicious killers. She fled to Ryan's Bluff, NC to escape the past, but all too soon she learns that there are some things you cannot hide from.

When her last case ended badly, Cassie wanted only to escape from the pain and images in her head. Unfortunately, Cassie soon discovers that evil can lurk anywhere, and this time she has tapped into the mind of man on the verge of becoming a serial killer.

When Sheriff Matt Dunbar rejects her warning out of hand, Cassie decides to approach former Judge Ben Ryan. Ben is skeptical of Cassie at first, but when her first deadly prediction comes true, he becomes a believer.

Cassie can sometimes see into the mind of a killer; however, she always runs the risk that occasionally a killer can make the psychic connection back to her. If that happens, will Cassie become his next victim?

STEALING SHADOWS is the first book in a "Thrillogy" which will feature three back-to-back suspense novels by the awesome Ms. Hooper. If STEALING SHADOWS is any indication, readers are in for a terrific thrill ride.(Sep., 384 pp, $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith