"Love makes its own magic." These words, inscribed on the Fairy Cup of Duncrieff, are the guiding light of Sophie MacCarran's clan and explain Sophie's magical gifts. So she's shocked when she's kidnapped, then wedded and bedded by the outlaw known as the Highland Ghost. Then Sophie discovers Conner MacPherson intended to marry her sister.

Now the wife of the dashing brigand, Sophie sets out to ruin his life by being the most considerate wife imaginable, hoping he'll tire of her sugary sweetness and let her go. But the plan backfires as Conner's clan realizes what a prize she is and Conner starts falling in love with his fairy-magic wife. Then clan feuds and problems plunge the newlyweds into danger, and even Sophie's faith in the fairy cup's motto is sorely tested.

Gabriel's debut is a fun and feisty story, complete with a rousing and unforgettable cast of characters, an exhilarating pace and plenty of passion. It's such fun to see a "braw" man like Conner taken down a peg or two by the delightful Sophie. You'll be captivated by this sure-to-win-your-heart tale. SENSUAL (Feb., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin