General Kalen Grady of the Criminal Investigation Department has few regrets in his life, but one of them is Captain Sarah Ravenowitz. One of Kalen's best operatives and the woman he loved, Sarah was apparently killed in a mission, and Kalen was devastated. But things are not as they seem, and years later Kalen learns that Sarah did not die but was reborn as the supermodel Raven. Deciding that she must have turned traitor, Kalen issues a warrant for Sarah's arrest.

Raven is aware that her old boss is stalking her. When her last mission in China went bad and Raven was shot in the face, she knew the CID betrayed her. She's kept her hands in the spy game, so she knows the current Tong difficulties. Tong member Dai Gangi and his girlfriend, Portia, are murdered over possession of the famed White Tiger swords. Since Portia was a model, Kalen decides to abduct Raven and force her to cooperate. Raven agrees only when she learns that a lotus blossom was left at the scene of the murder—the same blossom left at her side when she was shot.

Get ready to jump right back into the fray with the second book in Jessica Hall's terrific new espionage trilogy. This time it is the oh-so-cool and commanding Kalen Grady who finds passion and duty colliding. Top-notch thrills and excitement! (May, 304 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith