Image of Steel's Edge (The Edge, Book 4)


Image of Steel's Edge (The Edge, Book 4)

Andrews’ growing legion of fans know a novel of the Edge has high-stakes drama, kick-butt action and extraordinarily intense emotions. This incredible story is also about family and the sacrifices made to preserve or avenge them. A real highlight of this amazing book is beloved secondary characters George, Jack and Sophie playing such critical roles. You will laugh, cry and gasp throughout this story — what more can you ask of a book?

Charlotte de Ney had a brilliant career as the Healer before her marriage. But there’s a dark side to her abilities: She can also kill with them. When her husband walks out, she leaves the Weird for the Edge, starting a new life. Richard Mar has been hunting and battling slavers, but his luck has finally run out. Charlotte manages to save Richard’s life, but the slavers are hot on his heels. Now they are on a mission: Find and destroy this slavery ring, no matter the cost or how deep into the government it takes them. (ACE, Dec., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith