Bellis debuts with a high-adventure romance that showcases her talent for
creating a powerful conflict and a unique plot tinged with magic. Strong characters play out their roles against a tumultuous and dangerous backdrop. This book is for all adventure lovers.

Determined to rescue her father from the guillotine, Sarah Leaford "hires" England's master thief, Gentleman Jack, to break her father out of a French prison. She has no idea that Jack hates her father and wishes for his death.

Long ago Lord Carleigh framed Jack for murder. Jack escaped the hangman by agreeing to spy for the Crown. Sarah gives him the chance for revenge, but she's a beautiful woman who tempts him to forget his hatred and believe in her magic.

Jack and Sarah head for Paris and straight into danger. But they will risk peril to claim the passion they find in one another's embrace, clear Jack's name and rescue her father. (Signet Eclipse, Sep., 300 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin