In May Harlequin merges the Love and Laughter line with Silhouette Yours Truly into Duet, a new series of two full length novels published together in one volume.

Vicki Lewis Thompson contributes the second romance called WITH A STETSON AND A FILE (1). On a dare, a handsome investment banker agrees to drive a cab in New York and gets tangled up with a beautiful ranch owner on an unusual mission. Ms. Thompson builds on the concept of a comedy of errors, but the romance has no real conflict and falls short in the credibility department.

In the first volume, Christy Ridgway diverts us with THE BRIDESMAIDS BET (3). After a lovely woman bets her brother double or nothing that she will have a steady boyfriend by the end of the next month, she is surprised when his best friend steps into the breach to make her wager come true. Ms. Ridgway pens a pleasant tale full of strong sexual chemistry, good character development and an interesting premise.

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short