Image of Circle of Friends: Steve's Story


Image of Circle of Friends: Steve's Story

Dee's follow-up to book one of her Circle of Friends books packs a serious emotional wallop, but it also veers too much into melodrama. The tension between the two main characters feels off, particularly regarding Penelope's big secret. Still, Dee's written the literary equivalent of a delicious daytime soap opera, and it's
not at all unpleasant to read.

Steve Sommers' fiancee has just left him for his best friend, Tyler. On top of that, Tyler doesn't know -- he's lying in a coma after a motorcycle accident. And on top of that, Tyler's sister Penelope is back in town to visit her brother in the hospital. She happens to be the woman who broke Steve's heart two years ago. (SAMHAIN, Feb., 240 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener