The mysterious and romantic shenanigans of medical insurance- fraud investigator Pauline Sokol serve up a light, entertaining read, the perfect book for a fun afternoon.

Former nurse Pauline's current case concerns possible prescription fraud by one Sophie Banko, who hangs out at the senior citizen center. Pauline's uncle Walt hangs out there too, and he's convinced his buddy Mr. Wisnowski did not die of natural causes but was murdered.

The scene is set for Pauline to go undercover. Fortunately, she has a transvestite friend who's an ace with makeup and disguises to help her transform into elderly widow Peggy Doubtme. The result is quite funny and very convincing. As Peggy, Pauline infiltrates the center and befriends the seniors on her suspect list. She wheedles information from them, all the while worrying about her fake wrinkles slipping—not to mention her determination to win at least one Bingo game.

Pauline adeptly juggles suspects, clues and love interests—in the form of two very attractive guys. Close calls and hot dates keep her heart pounding and the reader giggling from beginning to end. (Jul., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters