Image of Stigma


Image of Stigma

Talk about debuting with a bang! Hawley's first foray into the medical thriller field is a stunner. Complex characters with secrets and conflicting motivations escalate the suspense and terror. Hawley, who's also a pediatrician, brings an extra sense of realism to this pulse-pounding, nightmare scenario.

A case throws pediatric ER physician Luke McKenna's life into chaos and danger. Things seem normal when a young Mayan boy is transferred to the Los Angeles ER from an associated clinic in Guatemala. But as Luke and Dr. Megan Callahan frantically work to save him, nothing about the case makes sense. Then Luke becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a rival doctor.

As he tries to figure out what killed the boy, Megan heads to the Guatemalan clinic only to discover a strange illness has wiped out an entire village. The evidence Luke and his allies find keeps disappearing as people are permanently silenced. Can Luke and Megan find
a way to stop a potential global cataclysm? (HARPERTORCH, Mar., 496 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith