Image of Still Irresistible


Image of Still Irresistible
STILL IRRESISTIBLE (3) by Dawn Atkins: Callie Cummings temporarily leaves her job as a Manhattan event planner to return to the Arizona dude ranch where she grew up. Her father is remarrying, and Callie wants to turn the in-the-red ranch into a spa. Coming back means seeing Deck O'Neill, the ranch foreman and her first, if very brief, lover. At the time both had lost a parent and were vulnerable. They're still sexually attracted, but their lives seem to have developed in different and incompatible directions. Because Deck wants to buy the land, Callie doesn't completely trust him. Many plot complications make this a fast read, but Callie is headstrong in ways that aren't always believable, and the chemistry between Callie and Deck never feels as strong as it might.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor