Ex-marine and ex-cop turned sculptor Adam McCleet will soon show his work at a prestigious gallery in Taos, NM. It just so happens that his man-eating sister, Margot, has acquired property in Mesa Rana from one of her many ex-husbands and figures that Adam can check out the hacienda. That should have tipped Adam off; anything remotely tied to Margot winds up a disaster.

Things hit the fan sometime during during Adam and his love Alison Brook's first night at the hacienda when an elderly prospector is murdered. After Adam stumbles over the body and is bashed on the head, Sheriff Shirley Gomez-Gomez figures he's the prime suspect. Just to make sure, the cantankerous Shirley throws most of the town in jail, figuring they all had a motive.

Before breaking out of jail, Adam learns that most of the town are hot on the trail of an ancient alien star traveler. Tonna-Hokay-Pokay-Lawnchair-Yada-Yada, AKA He Who Shines at Night, is supposedly buried on Margot's property. The map of the grave was divided into three parts and someone seems willing to kill to obtain the missing pieces.

Since Dr. Gunter Bjornsen is at the center of the crazy search, Adam figures he'd better keep the little old guy from being killed for his research. Adam is busy avoiding both the law and the murderer and keeping Bjornsen alive.

Hilarious author Rick Hanson is batting a thousand with this latest chapter in the star-crossed life of Adam McCleet. If you like outrageous laughter and suspense, Rick Hanson is your man. Don't miss out on this fantastic reading experience. (June, 240 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith