Nyssa is a ghost-talker and a dream-walker—one who is able to walk in the past and the present. She hopes her research into the hobgoblin Qasim will help fill in holes in her childhood memories, so that she can discover who and what she really is.

Abrial, the son of a night-demon, is sent by leader Jack Frost (from past books in the series) to bring Nyssa to safety. Abrial finds himself drawn to her and her search. Pursued by the FBI and the goblins because of her connection with Qasim, Nyssa and Abrial discover her past and the danger it represents to their world.

Still Life, Jackson's fourth Wildside romance, is wonderfully imaginative. The new elements and the inclusion of former characters give the story continuity while also making it captivatingly fresh. This is an intriguing and well-written addition to the series. (Aug., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley