Image of Still Life with Shape-Shifter (A Shifting Circle Novel)


Image of Still Life with Shape-Shifter (A Shifting Circle Novel)

Shinn revisits her Shifting Circle series with an incredibly poignant and bittersweet story of love, loss and family. As always, Shinn’s calm yet powerful voice tugs at readers’ heartstrings as the story of a young woman fighting to protect her sister’s privacy — and her life — unfolds. A secondary storyline intertwines with the main conflict, allowing us a deeper look into the lives of shapeshifters and the difficulties they face. Smoothly written and emotionally charged, this story takes us beyond the horror and carnage normally found in paranormal stories and instead focuses on the humanity of those who straddle the line between the human and immortal worlds — and those who love them.

Melanie Landon has a secret. A secret she has only shared with other one person. Her sister Ann is a shapeshifter. Melanie has spent her entire life protecting that secret, having raised Ann after their mother disappeared. Brody Westerbrook, a freelance reporter, is writing a book on shapeshifters and wants to include Ann in it. Melanie is attracted to Brody but fears what the world will think and, more importantly, do to Ann, if her secret is revealed. When it becomes apparent that Ann is sick and her health is rapidly declining, Melanie has to decide if she can trust Brody. (ACE, Nov., 352 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Tori Benson