Working in the Secret Service has not been beneficial to married agents Bobby and Angela Holland. On the verge of divorce, they are forced to work again as a team when President William Riordan's mother is threatened. Margaret Riordan, aka Crazy Daisy, is a feisty, cranky and irascible woman who doesn't like the Secret Service.

When the President receives threats aimed at his mother, the trick becomes getting agents close without Margaret realizing they're there. Having Bobby and Angela go in as married housekeepers seems like the best plan. Angela is horrified; she's finally decided to make the break official and get on with her life. But Bobby is determined to get his wife back, so this opportunity is a godsend.

With Margaret pulling stunts, it is difficult to assess the true danger the threat poses. Before long, Bobby and Angela may be trying to save the President as well as their marriage.

Similar in plot to the movie "Tess," Mary McBride serves up a book that is both filled with action and packed with emotion. STILL MR. & MRS. makes for witty and invigorating reading. (Sep., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith