Even friends sometimes call Jill Runyan the Ice Queen. Why can she only invest her emotions in her mentally disturbed charges in the special education program? She still carries the ache of loss for her teenage love and the daughter she gave up for adoption. When Jill is told her daughter, Kelsey, is dying of leukemia and that she is not a match for bone marrow donation, she must perform the hardest act of her life: find Morgan Spenser, Kelsey's father, confess her lies of long ago and beg him to give the gift of life to their daughter. What begins as a desperate mission of mercy threatens the walls Jill has built around her heart and the bitterness that has ruled Morgan's for years. Can love arise from ashes and betrayal? Their suffering daughter's faith lights the way. In THE STILL OF THE NIGHT (3), Kristen Heitzmann examines delicate questions of God's will in life or death. Heitzmann's craft and plotting are delightful, though occasionally the angst seems overdone and the characters a bit brittle. (Oct., 384 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson