Image of Still the One


Image of Still the One

Wells once again returns to Chartreuse, La., for an emotional story. The troubles and trials the characters experience
are realistically depicted, yet with a happy-ever-after that may not come in reality, but is so very welcome in fiction.

When Zack Ferguson moves to Chartreuse, La., the first thing he does is look up Kate Charmaine, the girl he loved and left one summer 17 years ago. Surprised to see Zack again, Kate is shocked when the daughter she gave up for adoption appears and announces she now lives with Zack and is pregnant. With her adoptive parents dead, Gracie wants to be independent, but the aunt who is her guardian will only allow her to stay with Zack and only if he shares custody with Kate. Now Kate and Zack must accept and forgive the painful misunderstandings of the past if they hope to give the daughter they both love a happy and secure future. (FOREVER, May, 432 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley