Thirtysomething Tiffany Anderson has built a successful computer business and enjoys designing quilts and fixing up her old Victorian home. She's hoping to have the family of her dreams with Dr. Brian McMath—until Sheriff Jake Reed comes to her rescue. It should have been Brian, but it has become apparent to Tiffany that Brian doesn't care about anyone but himself, so Tiffany calls off her year-long relationship with him. Brian was her only prospect for a husband, and she contemplates that maybe God wants her to remain single. Meanwhile, Sheriff Reed turns up to rescue her at every corner. After witnessing too much violence in the city, he opted for a small country town. Before becoming a Christian, he went through a divorce and then watched his ex-wife die. Jake doesn't believe he deserves a second chance at love.But when gang vandalism similar to what Jake saw in the city surfaces, and one of the gang's targets is Tiffany, Jake is on his guard, and feelings he'd long thought suppressed begin to surface. Shirlee McCoy's STILL WATERS (4) is an enjoyable and typical romance, but the suspense carries the story. (Jan., 288 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Beth Goddard