Image of A Stitch and a Prayer: Quilts of Love Series


Image of A Stitch and a Prayer: Quilts of Love Series

This installment in the Quilts of Love series takes place in the 1890s when times were hard, especially for a pregnant woman who has few friends to help her. The descriptions of the quilts in the story are memorable and fascinating to those who love to quilt. Gibson has written a believable, sweet love story on the frontier.

Florence Harms is weak from illness, but she hopes the warm weather will make her pain go away so she’ll be less of a burden to her friends and husband, Will. When a stranger arrives and asks to speak with Will, Florence fears his restless spirit will take him away from her and their unborn child. Will makes a promise to her that he will return in time for the birth, but Florence has her doubts. Even though her joints are stiff, she starts working on a Tree of Life quilt to tell the story of their life on the farm. Will her husband keep his promise? (ABINGDON, May, 240 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans