Image of Stolen


Image of Stolen

An incredibly scary novel of teen-age abduction. Readers will definitely be able to physically feel Gemma’s hopelessness and isolation. But opinions of Ty will vary. Is he a monster or is he a hero? This book will test reader’s expectations – you think you know right from wrong, but in the world of Stolen there is no such thing as pure good or evil – just a confusing blur between obsession and need, love and total possession.

An average 16-year-old English schoolgirl, Gemma, is abducted from an airport while on vacation with her parents. Waking up in the Australian outback with no possibility of escape, Gemma is forced to get to know her abductor, a young man at home in the dangerous desert. Gemma soon realizes that Ty has been carefully planning her kidnapping for years. He is not looking to hurt or abuse her, instead he has convinced himself that this is something that they both want and the longer Gemma is with him, the more she realizes that being stolen may not be so bad. (The Chicken House, May, 304 pp., 17.99)  

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Morgan Doremus