Image of Stolen (Lucy Kincaid Novels)


Image of Stolen (Lucy Kincaid Novels)

For the first time in Brennan’s Kincaid/ Rogan series, Sean Rogan takes center stage as the past he hoped to leave behind threatens everything he holds dear. The evolution of Lucy and Sean’s relationship has been a critical piece of what makes these novels so compelling. Brennan is a true master at providing byzantine plotlines that keep readers guessing as the danger amplifies.

P.I. Sean Rogan has made bad choices in the past, but now he’s all about protecting his relationship with FBI trainee Lucy Kincaid. To make up for one of those mistakes, he agrees to go deep undercover. It must look like Sean is returning to his bad old ways; something that drives a wedge in his relationship with his brother, Duke. Lucy trusts Sean, but when another FBI agent confronts her about Sean’s exploits, she fears he is in grave danger. After the murder of one of his friends, Sean realizes the plan is in serious danger of collapsing. (MINOTAUR, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith