Image of Stolen Away


Image of Stolen Away

Harvey starts a new series, this time with fairies. The author puts her signature touch on familiar lore to create a breed of magical creatures at once terrifying and intriguing. Genre fans will particularly appreciate the way that Eloise and Jo share the job of narrating this tale with two equally natural – and distinct – voices.

Eloise Hart always thought she was pretty average but when a mysterious teenager shows up and warns her that she’s being hunted, her life gets very strange, very fast. It certainly doesn’t help that her best friends, Jo and Devin, aren’t sure that they believe the incident ever happened. But soon Eloise is kidnapped by a group of vicious fairies and discovers that her aunt has been hiding a terrible secret. Now it’s up to Eloise and her friends to figure out how to get everyone safely away from some very angry, very powerful fairies. (WALKER, Jan., 288 pp., $17.99, HC, ISBN: 9780802721891, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan