The villagers of Ahlgren know him as Kayne the Unknown. One day he came into town, and set himself up as the smith, keeping to himself. When there was a fire in a villagers home, he alone rescues the family. Sofia Ahlgren insists on nursing him, over his objections.

Sofia Ahlgren is adamant in her resolve not to marry Sir Griel, whose rough touch makes her cringe. She comes to love Kayne while caring for him, but still scarred from his past, he tells Sofia they cant be together.

After Sir Griel attacks Sofia, Kayne knows he must marry her to protect her, and that hell go back on his vow to never kill again to rescue the woman he loves when Griel once more tries to claim Sofia.

The true story here is the bond of friendship among Kayne and the knights he served with in France. Together they are a formidable force and work as a team to free Sofia, making sure that Kayne will not have to kill again. Sofia comes to understand what a truly noble man she has found in her husband and his friends. SWEET (Nov., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner