When Jack Faraday, Marquis of Dansbury, allows his mistress to win at cards, her prize is a visit to a card party put on by one of the 'good ton' to which he no longer belongs. Lilith Benton, the beauty of the season known as the Ice Queen, sparks his interest, then rudely refuses to speak to him, so he makes her his target for the season, vowing to melt her in his arms.

Lilith seeks only the most respectable match to make up for her mother's scandalous behavior. She'll have nothing to do with the rogue until he walks in upon her and the aggressive duke who dies suddenly after pinning her in a most compromising position, leaving her desperate to get rid of a dead body.

The course of Regency love between a lady and a rake never runs smoothly, but Suzanne Enoch's brilliant combination of the genre with a murder mystery, a touch of racy romances and the wittiest dialogue since Emma makes the route careen through the sedate ballrooms and mores of the good ton. SENSUAL (Sep., 374 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger