The mortal world knows Simon Malmain as the powerful Earl of Falconer, but he is also one of a powerful group known as the Guardians, a brave band who ensure that magic is not abused. He is on a mission to stop Lord Drayton, a rogue Guardian, when Drayton imprisons him inside a unicorn's body.

There is only one person Drayton can use to lure Simon to him: his virginal thrall, Meg. But Meg sets the beautiful beast free and they flee together. Meg has magical powers that allow her to change Simon back to human form. He releases her from Drayton's spell. Together they set out to prevent Drayton from harnessing the powers of the burgeoning Industrial Revolution for his own ends.

Putney's second historical paranormal is a wondrously original tale that mixes the dark vision of the film Underworld with the beauty of the unicorn tapestries. Not as emotionally powerful as some of her novels, but far more unique than most, this is a haunting evening's read. SENSUAL (Jun., 352 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin