Image of Stone of Ascension (Energen)


Image of Stone of Ascension (Energen)

Somewhere here is a great story that gets lost in a world built of too many competing mythologies — Aicher’s own, vague shapeshifting with dragons, Chinese mythos and Native American legends — all of which are revealed in a convoluted manner, with mystics telling the hero and heroine, “You don’t need to know yet.” It feels more like the author didn’t have an explanation yet. Great sexual tension between the characters doesn’t make up for the confusing plot.

Amber Morningstar has been a pariah in her tribe her entire life because of her mother’s history. A trip to New York City leaves her with a mysterious stone and a strange marking on her hand. Damianos Aeros has been forced to live among humans for 1000 years. Delivering Amber to his people may be the key to his return. But his attraction to her is unexpected, and he becomes her protector. Soon, they are running for their lives — and tasked with saving the world. (SAMHAIN, Aug., 280 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo