With a wonderful feel of suspense and a well-plotted story, Ms. Harper delivers a fabulously frightening late night read.

On the night of her Sweet Sixteen, Jenna Kirk sneaked out of the house following her older sister, Amanda, on what Jenna believed was a rendezvous with her boyfriend. Instead, Jenna comes upon a sees someone attack Amanda and kidnap Jenna. Days later, Jenna returns home…sans Amanda and her memories.

For the past fifteen years, Jenna and her mom dealt with the tragedy of that night. Her mother turned the horror into a successful political career and still longs to protect Jenna. But now Jenna has spent years in therapy and is determined to return to home to face her demons.

It's obvious that someone doesn't want Jenna digging up the past. She has been receiving gifts and notes of designed to convince her she's insane and Jenna is unsure who to trust. The situation only gets more complicated when people from the past also begin returning home.

Mace MacCaman, Amanda's childhood boyfriend, was fodder for the rumor mill after Amanda's disappearance with many considering him a suspect. After a bitter fight with his father, Mace left town but now the old man's illness brings him home. Together with Jenna, Mace is determined to uncover the truth of the past.

(Jun., 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson