Being the only girl in a family with five brothers taught Katie James how to hold her own against men. Unfortunately, it has done nothing to help her love life. While working on her latest home-renovation acquisition, Katie is drawn to an amazing male statue in the garden. One night, she impulsively kisses the statue and is stunned when it comes to life in her arms.

Jorlan en Sarr is an alien from the planet Imperia who has spent the last millennium frozen in time, cursed to stone by his powerful sorcerer brother Percen de Locke. While their mother was not able to undo the curse, she transported Jorlan far away to Earth in the hopes that someone would free him. But the kiss is only the first step in breaking the curse; Jorlan must also get Katie to fall in love with him within two weeks. This may not be so easy—Jorlan's Neanderthal ways don't sit quite so well with her.

Poor Jorlan is a true fish out of water as he attempts to cope with modern-day morals and mores. HQN and Showalter are off to a very promising start with this fun new paranormal romance. Watch for further adventures in Imperia from the talented Showalter. (Sep., 384 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith