Image of Stone Spring: The Northland Trilogy


Image of Stone Spring: The Northland Trilogy

Baxter begins his Northland trilogy in an alternate prehistory set in what we now know as the North Sea. Readers of Jean Auel may feel at home in this setting. Baxter uses bits of Norse and Celtic lore to bring to life an age and a people we do not know, though by story’s end, we feel as though we always have. One to savor.

The seas are beginning to rise and for Ana and her people, this means vast changes are upon them. Tsunamis carry away people and cover the land; Ana wants to find a solution to the rising waters if she can, before she loses all she loves. When she learns of walled cities, she believes the solution is in reach, but what might such a wall to do the city and the world? One determined young woman means to find out. (ROC, Nov., 499 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Elise Tobler