Image of Stonecast (A Spellmason Chronicle)


Image of Stonecast (A Spellmason Chronicle)

The second thrilling installment of Strout’s Spellmason Chronicles picks up six months after events of the series starter, Alchemystic. Again told from both Lexie’s perspective as well as that of gargoyle Stanis, the story’s two unusual protagonists face danger on opposite ends of the same problem. Skillful characterization enriches a story that is filled with peril, loss, treachery and sacrifice. Great stuff!

To save Lexi, gargoyle Stanis agreed to have their magical bond broken and was forced to return to his fiendish father, Kejetan. Stanis’ final warning upon leaving Lexi was to “prepare.” Lexi and her friends Rory and Marshall have been doing the best they can, but their progress in learning spellmasonry is painfully slow. For his part, although bound to obey, Stanis has done what he can to subvert Kejetan’s plans, but time is running out. Kejetan wants the secrets the Belarus family possessed and he will stop at nothing to obtain them. (ACE, Oct., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith