Image of Stones for Bread


Image of Stones for Bread

Parrish’s latest is a quietly beautiful tale about learning how to accept the past and how to let go of the parts that tie you down. Readers can find a great deal to identify with in Liesl’s life, from her tumultuous family back- ground to her reluctance to accept love. All of this is entwined with a meaningful spiritual journey and amazing bread recipes that will appeal to the beginner and satisfy even the most seasoned baker.

Liesl McNamara’s mother and grandmother passed down their sourdough recipes and secrets while teaching her to bake bread. After losing her mother to suicide at a young age, Liesl has struggled to put her life and faith in perspec- tive with her experiences. Now the owner of her own bakery, Liesl is content with her quiet, solitary existence — that is, until Seamus and his daughter, Cecelia, enter her store with a flour delivery and cause Liesl to examine life in a different way. (THOMAS NELSON, Nov., 336 pp., $15.99)
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Melissa Parcel