An engaging story, well-handled characters and just a hint of romance draw readers into the story from the first page. The pacing is a tad leisurely, perhaps, but it's easy to overlook because of the book's other strengths. The use of Opal's first-person point of view adds dimension too.

Someone is sabotaging the orbs used by the Stormdancer clan to trap the power of the elements, and the treachery has already taken the lives of several of the clan's members. It falls to glassmaker and apprentice magician Opal Cowan to discover what's going on -- and who's responsible. In the process, more lives are endangered -- Opal's own and those of the two men she's torn between: Kade, a Stormdancer, and Ulrick, a fellow glassmaker. Their enemies are cunning, stealthy and even closer at hand than Opal and her companions could ever fathom. (MIRA, May, 496 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer