Image of A Storm of Passion


Image of A Storm of Passion

Brisbin begins a new trilogy with a bang. It's a dark, powerful story of vengeance and love, tinged with paranormal elements, that captivates and titillates. Her strong characterization adds depth and makes the pages fly and readers eager for more.

Moira vows vengeance against the seer who sent men to murder her family. Her journey leads to the Lord of the Isles' encampment. Connor's visions guide the lord, yet he has no idea where his visions lead. He only knows that he's a prisoner in a gilded cage. His painful visions are relieved by nights spent with nameless women. So when a woman appears in his tent, he assumes she is his night companion.

Moira plans to bed and kill the seer, but one unforgettable night stops her. When she returns to carry out her revenge and wounds him, Connor enslaves her as her punishment. Moira discovers the price Connor pays for his visions -- the slow loss of his sight -- and understands the man beneath the seer. His sensuality and vulnerability urge her to forgive him and aid him in his quest to gain his freedom and uncover the truth of his birth. (BRAVA, Dec., 300 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin