Image of A Storm of Pleasure (Storm Trilogy)


Image of A Storm of Pleasure (Storm Trilogy)

Brisbin’s latest is fast-paced and wildly hot with a touch of the supernatural. Her characters are ideal for the harsh era — strong because only the strong survived. Each has their own reason for doing things, but love grows into the kind of unbreakable bond readers will understand.

With her father dead and her brother accused of treason, Katla Svensdottir goes in search of the Truthsayer to help prove her brother’s innocence. Gavin is in pain and drugged when he sees an angel, but she is gone when he wakes. When they meet, Gavin knows that he needs her calming powers and she needs him to free her brother. They strike a bargain and journey to his cave by the sea to spend the next month loving and getting to know each other. Neither will admit to caring for the other, and returning to civilization tears them apart. It will take patience and love to bring them back together. (BRAVA, Oct., 256 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager