If you like your romance hot and a story with a difference, Terri Lynn Wilhelm is the author for you.

The year of our lord 1810: man stands upon the brink of the scientific revolution. The magic of yesteryear has been replaced with the rationality of reason. But in faraway Scotland, traces of ancient myths still linger, and are still embodied by the last surviving clan of silkies.

Torcuil has no desire to leave the sea of his birth and venture onto the land of man. But his duty is clear: he must find his elder brother, heir to the MacCodrum silkie clan, and bring him home again.

Matters quickly go awry for Torcuil as he encounters a "broonie." He then manages to save the lives of a marquess and his beautiful daughter, only to find himself soon after on the road to London with his grateful new friends. Still, acting as bodyguard to the lovely lady will give him the entre to society he needs to find his wayward sibling.

Although the threat against Lady Verity Alford and her father turns out to be all too real, the greater danger is to Torcuil's heart. How can he choose between love and duty?

An impeccable storyteller with the rare ability to give life to the most whimsical fantasy, Ms. Wilhelm bedazzles with an enchanting tale that makes us smile in utter delight. (July, 432 pp., $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer