Image of Storm of Shadows (Chosen Ones, Book 2)


Image of Storm of Shadows (Chosen Ones, Book 2)

Dodd picks up the action right after events of the previous book in her Chosen Ones series, sending her unsuspecting bookworm heroine into treachery and danger. As the conflict heats up, so does the passion between this seemingly mismatched pair. Another stellar performance!

Until now, Chosen Aaron Eagle has used his gift of turning to mist to assist his career as a thief. With the destruction of their previous headquarters, the remaining untested Chosen are scrambling to uncover the prophecy that may help in their quest.

Like her father before her, Rosamund Hill is an antiquities librarian. Although her deceased mother believed in the Chosen/Others legend, Rosamund thinks it is a myth -- before she gets tangled up with the all-too-sexy Aaron, that is. For a woman who pays no attention to her looks and doesn't date, Rosamund is a bit surprised to have two sexy men interested in her. Both men have hidden agendas, but it is Aaron who convinces her to follow the clues of the prophecy.

(SIGNET, Sep., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith