Image of Storm of Visions (Chosen Ones, Book 1)


Image of Storm of Visions (Chosen Ones, Book 1)

Proving she's quite at home with the supernatural, Dodd launches a new series, The Chosen Ones, based on an ancient rivalry. A set of abandoned and separated twins, each with a powerful gift, has formed the lineage of the Chosen and the Others. With this ancient conflict, Dodd sets the stage for a complicated journey of discovery with plenty of passion and peril!

Having been around the Chosen all her life because of her adoptive mother Zusane's high-profile position, Jacqueline Vargha wants nothing at all to do with that dangerous world. Jacqueline flees across the country, but Zusane's head of security, Caleb D'Angelo, won't let her go -- personally or professionally.

Unfortunately, Jacqueline carries the birthmark of a seer, and the Chosen need her. They learn that the Chosen's headquarters -- and its inhabitants -- have been annihilated. Can Jacqueline's new power help the survivors discover how they were betrayed -- before it's too late and they too are destroyed?

(SIGNET, Aug., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith