In 1979, seven girls attended a private school for the gifteduntil a fire destroyed the school and the girls were dispersed. Now, more than 20 years later theyre grown up and living around the country. But over a three-month period, five of the girls die. Sister Mary Teresa is one of them and sees similarities in the deaths. She forwards information on to the seventh girl and to a family friend who works for the FBI.

Ginny Shapiro receives the package, but discovers that Sister Mary Teresa has fallen victim to the same rash of deaths. The only thing known is that each woman has apparently committed suicide and that each received a phone call immediately before doing so. Frightened, Ginny goes on the run. She feels the need to hide away from whatever danger is out there.

FBI Agent Sully Dean is saddened that he didnt receive the information in time to save Sister Mary Teresa, but vows to keep Ginny safe. He tracks her down and offers his assistance. Their mission takes them on a search through the past but someone is equally determined that they will never uncover the truth.

With a definitive skill at romance and adventure, Ms. McCall will delight. She once again puts enough reality into her fiction that the tantalizing suspense felt by her characters is firmly echoed in her readers. (May, 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson