Though its been fifteen years since he has seen his daughters, Amos Kingsland sends for them on his deathbed. He wants to leave his Texas ranch, Paradise, to Shadrach Jones, but figures only his daughters will be able to legally hold the land against his enemy, Hoyt Backus.

When his letter reaches Libby and Shula, the sudden call to Texas is a solution to their problems. Shula has bill collectors on her tail and Libby fears that the father of a battered waif she has taken in is after her.

Amos dies shortly after their arrival. In his will he leaves the ranch to the daughter who will marry Shadrach Jones. If Shad and/or the sisters refuse, the ranch goes to Hoyt. This is a special romance and a nostalgic Western which captures some very modern feeling, STORMING PARADISE is a prefect rainy day read about found love. SENSUAL (Aug., 247 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger