Image of Stormswept


Image of Stormswept

Rhys Vaughn is a Welsh squire whose father lost his inheritance to an English nobleman in a shady card game. The nobleman's daughter, Juliana St. Albans, encounters Rhys and, despite her heritage, the two fall in love and elope. Through a series of unfortunate events, the newlyweds are discovered on their wedding night and Juliana's brother has Rhys impressed into the navy.

But Rhys believes that Juliana has betrayed him-that his impressment is her solution to ridding herself of him after realizing her impetuous wedding is a mistake.

Six years later, after serving aboard a man-o-war and a stint in the colonies, Rhys returns to Wales to claim his bride, seeking vengeance on her and her family.

STORMSWEPT revolves around Rhys' ability to learn to trust Juliana as Deborah Martin pens a poignant romance of lovers who overcome terrible hardship and crushing betrayal to find one another. The well-drawn characters, refreshing setting and believable dialogue add much to this tale. SENSUAL (Sept., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Michell Phifer