Image of Stormy Persuasion: A Malory Novel (The Malory-Anderson Family)


Image of Stormy Persuasion: A Malory Novel (The Malory-Anderson Family)

The Malorys are back at sea! This is the story Malory pirate fans have been waiting for, and this consummate storyteller doesn’t disappoint. There’s adventure, sensuality, battles, storms, family high jinks and rapier wit. Best of all are the father-daughter relationships that add humor and pathos — and if that isn’t enough, there’s a slew of Malory family members to satisfy everyone who wants to see their old friends in new adventures as a new generation makes waves. Lindsey delivers!

Cousins Judith and Jacqueline Malory are best friends. When Jacqueline is to make her come-out in America, Judith, too, makes the trip. Smuggler Nathan Tremayne has one chance to reclaim his stolen ship and receive a pardon. He’s a crewman aboard the Malorys’ vessel, heading to Connecticut to complete his mission. But everything is blown off course when he spies Judith. Judith finds Nathan arrogant, and she uses her knowledge about his identity to keep annoying him. Their verbal sparring escalates, and desire blossoms. But with her watchful family, Judith wonders if they’ll ever get a moment alone. However, when the Malorys need a ship and James’ life is in danger, Nate steps in, proving he’s just the scoundrel Judith needs. (GALLERY, Jun., 384 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin