A STORMY SPANISH SUMMER (2) by Penny Jordan: When Felicity’s father passes away, he leaves her a beautiful country estate in Granada. After seven years of living in the States, she returns to her native Spain, where she must confront a ghost from her past: her father’s adopted nephew, the tall, dark-haired, aristocratic Vidal y Salvadores, Duque de Fuentualba. Ever since he caught Felicity making out with a boy as a teenager, Vidal has believed that she is sexually promiscuous and unworthy of his affection. Felicity goes so far as to remain a virgin until she has the opportunity to sleep with Vidal to prove to him that she’s not the girl he thinks she is. The dialogue is stiff, and the “stormy Spanish summer” implied by the title amounts to little more than a single week of the “hero” verbally abusing the heroine.

Reviewed by: 
Andrew Shaffer