Wood’s entertaining western immediately captures readers’ attention with its feisty heroine and darkly handsome hero whose first meeting sets the stage for a stormy romance. Not only are Wood’s multidimensional characters a delight, but the quick pace and lively plotline — with a bit of added suspense and humor — will satisfy readers.

Boston heiress Emily Highfill Grant hides in the family’s private Pullman car in hopes of accompanying her mother cross-country. Emily does not know her impulsive sister has followed her, or that the car she sneaks into holds Wyoming rancher and short line railway owner Lucien Delatour. Lucien worked his way up by the bootstraps and is heading home to save his railroad from saboteurs like Charles Highfill. Little does he know that his stowaway is Highfill’s granddaughter. When Pinkerton detectives try to collect the girls, Lucien claims Emily as his bride. But when Lucien learns her true identity, he is torn between making his marriage work and keeping his dream alive. (POCKET, Dec., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin