Image of Strand of Deception: A Justice Seekers Novel


Image of Strand of Deception: A Justice Seekers Novel

Caroll delivers everything one would want in a suspense novel in the third Justice Seekers book. The main characters are especially likable. The story really grabs you with just the right amount of tension and a little police procedure thrown in. Best of all is the thread of faith that runs through the series. No matter how intense the situation, the characters either turn to their faith, or are in the process of coming back to it.

Maddie Baxter is a forensic expert working a very high-profile case. The daughter of a prominent politician is found murdered. Her death is linked to another murder, making this a possible serial killer. Nick Hagar is the agent in charge of the case. He’s worked with Maddie before and hopes to get to know her better. When he discovers a piece of important evidence, he requests a familial DNA test that has a shocking result. It’s a match to Maddie’s college boyfriend, who broke her heart. Could he be the killer? Does the controversial DNA test really tell the whole story? (B&H, Mar., 352 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes