After years of constant skirmishes, gifted herbalist/mage Eliana Daere is about to wreak revenge on her longtime nemesis, Damir ap Kora. Since childhood, Eliana and Damir have been competing magically, and this time Eliana is determined to win. But he turns the tables on Eliana, who drinks the magical potion instead. When Eliana awakes, she has lost her memory. Having the beautiful and fiery Eliana at his mercy is more than Damir can stand, so he tells her that they are married. For once their past actions and emotions don't get in the way, and these two battling mages discover a deep attraction.

Things are not right in the kingdom however, and Damir and Eliana can feel the growing darkness. The attacks seem to be coming from the barbaric Norsk people, and it was rumored that Eliana was involved with a Norsk, but with her memory blocked it will be difficult to uncover the truth. Damir also fears Eliana's discovery of their true relationship. Will their budding romance be able to survive?

Here is a magical, adventurous tale that combines all the best that paranormal romance has to offer. Brimming with passion, treachery, hope and love, this is delectable drama. SWEET (Nov., 368 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith