Image of Strange Country (Hallie Michaels)


Image of Strange Country (Hallie Michaels)

Coates’ latest in the Wide Open series brings us back into the underworld of harbingers, reapers and ghosts all set against the backdrop of rural South Dakota. Hallie is tough as nails and Boyd shows tremendous patience as both become suddenly involved in two mysteries. Coates’ characters are both authentic and complex in nature and the haunting, mysterious setting that she creates shines through in her vivid, descriptive writing. And the intense intrigue is sure to keep readers turning the pages.

When a woman is killed in front of him by a high-powered rifle, sheriff’s deputy Boyd Davies’ trouble has only begun — especially when another murder occurs immediately after. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, Hallie Michaels, has been receiving the same vaguely threatening anonymous message over a period of days in the form of a note, an unsigned letter and a phone call. In addition, messengers of the underworld are contacting Hallie again, with its leader, Death, coming for her. One thing is certain: Boyd and Hallie have their hands full. (TOR, Jun., 336 pp., $26.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates