This Urban Fantasy tale is the first in Perez's Nyx Fortuna series. Set in Minneapolis, it amuses with a variety of frightful and sometimes funny mythological creatures who prowl the city's water, land and air. Hero Nyx has depth and heart, and while readers may not fall in love with the secondary characters, this makes for a pleasant read. Hopefully subsequent books may flesh things out more satisfyingly.

Nyx Fortuna is a magical immortal from the ancient House of Fates. Avenging his beloved mother's murder draws him into the cold and confusing underworld of supernatural Minneapolis where he encounters powerful magical families and a variety of investigative subjects with potentially deadly agendas of their own. Mortal Elizabeth captures his heart along the way, but can he actually trust her? (ORBIT, Mar., dl., $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Reina Black