Roxi agreeing to be tied up and touched by strangers in the name of art is both shocking and titillating. With this strong erotic premise, it seems unnecessary for the story’s paranormal elements to be included. Hero Donovan’s authoritative, alpha characteristics could have certainly been explained without his shifter ability. Even so, this novella is a steamy read that wonderfully sets up the next set of stories in the Shifter’s Touch series.

As an exhibitionist, Roxi Leventis enjoys her work as a living art exhibit at the Moderne Art Gallery in New York City. Her unusual job requires her to be strapped into a harness, blindfolded and put on display for gallery visitors. But the patrons get to do more than just look, they also get to interact with Roxi and touch her as intimately as they please. In order to keep some of the more aggressive visitors at bay, the gallery’s owner hires Donovan Armstrong to guard the exhibit and keep Roxi safe.

Donovan has never seen anything like the display Roxi is a part of. And that is saying a lot since he is a wolf shifter and belongs to a very sexual pack. But nothing prepares him for the temptation of having this beautiful, voluptuous woman bound and waiting for his touch. When he sees his own lust reflected in Roxi’s gaze, Donovan is worried that his plans for finding a mate will have to be put on hold. There is no way that he can take a human as his partner … or can he? (ELLORA'S CAVE, Feb., dl. $5.20)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne